3 Tips for Using Social Media To Land Your New Job

We all know how social media is a game changer when it comes to finding a job and networking in the professional world. Recruiters and companies are beginning to invest more in social recruiting and candidates are simultaneously becoming more aggressive in their job search, particularly over social media.

With this new and ever-evolving playing field, what can you do to help ENGAGE with companies? Here are a few simple steps to create targeted and effective messaging to potential employers to boost your visibility in the job market and use social media to land your new job.

It really boils down to three simple things. You need to make sure you are reaching out to the correct people (#1) with the appropriate message (#2) at the right time (#3).

Find the Right People

Often times, recruiters or HR professionals will be the ones reviewing the resumes initially, so it is best to find someone with that title that works for the company you’ve applied to online. If you reach out to someone over LinkedIn, do not immediately turn to Twitter to reach out to that same person or a few of their coworkers. Give the individual you’ve reached out to some time to answer your message and begin forming a relationship with that one person within the company. If that employee doesn’t respond after a few days, you can then consider reaching out to one of their coworkers. Avoid sending messages to more than one or two people within a company. (Note: Rules of dating apply here. Don’t be the crazy clingy new crush.) It’s also worth noting: if you already know someone within the company, reach out to your contact before connecting with someone in HR.

Tailor Your Messaging

If you are reaching out to a human resources representative over LinkedIn, know that they may not respond; however, it’s a great way to draw attention to your profile. Phrase your message professionally and cover a few key points from your cover letter, but do not rewrite your whole cover letter. When you are sending out these messages, try to keep them short and sweet. Ask about the role you are interested in and state one or two reasons as to why you are interested. (Not one million reasons. Ain’t nobody got time to read all that.) Do not ask why you have not heard back yet about a role or discredit the employer in any form. If you are looking to learn more about a company rather than a specific role, another option is to ask if there is the potential to conduct an informational interview.

LinkedIn Example

LinkedIn Exmaple

When you do reach out about a specific role (as opposed to the more generically awesome message you see above) make sure you have already applied online. Check your spelling and grammar before sending out any messages. When reaching out on Twitter (and LinkedIn alike) it is key not to ask questions you can find the answer to online. If you want to know what jobs the company is hiring for, try poking around on their website before asking an employee directly. A little research goes a long way.

Twitter Example

Twitter Ex

Keep Timing in Mind

Make sure you are reaching out with the right time frame in mind. It is essential to patiently wait if you don’t hear back in two to three days. This dialogue is a two way street and if you are conducting most of the conversation then that does not typically reflect well on your part. Sending too many messages can come across as pushy, as opposed to eager or excited. Your goal is to form a relationship, not only to land this specific job. With this mentality, when a role opens up later on down the line you will have the upper hand of a previously established reputation and rapport with your contact.

Regardless as to whether or not you are looking for a job right now, using social media to network in your area and get to know other working professionals will help in the long run. Get involved in localized Twitter chats or join LinkedIn groups within your area. Once you meet someone, be sure to add them on LinkedIn! A friendly chat today could be a job tomorrow.

If you have any questions or comments about networking via social media sites, please feel free to comment below. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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