Linked Up on LinkedIn: How to Make Yourself More Recruitable

Linked Up on LinkedIn: How to Make Yourself More Recruitable

Whether you are in the process of job hunting or not, here are some LinkedIn tips to help you get noticed by hiring managers and recruiters. Many companies check LinkedIn now when hiring, but as a social media agency, you better believe we are checking out your different social channels, especially LinkedIn!

Have The Right Look

Let’s start out with the head shot. Make sure you have one! If you were out with your friends for drinks and you cropped your best bud out you better believe I can tell. It’s cool, just try to crop that drink out too. Head shots should be professional, yes, but let’s look deeper than that.

LinkedIn proved that photos of people smiling get more views. If you look friendly and inviting recruiters are more likely to click on your profile than if you are giving a camera a soul-searching death stare. Be careful to draw the line if your photo looks more like something that should be on a dating site – let the photo show your personality, but nothing more.


Stay Current

Moving on to the profile section. It just takes a few quick steps to remedy this detail, but fairly often I come across incomplete profiles. Make sure your jobs have thorough descriptions and that your current job is up-to-date, especially if you are on the job hunt.

It’s also advised that you don’t put “unemployed” as your header or “job searching” if you’re out of work. Try something along the lines of “Communications Professional” or “Designer, versed in animations and 3D”. The difference between this header and the “unemployed” header is that I can learn something about the candidate from it. Often times when I want to look up a company a candidate worked for I look to their LinkedIn profile, so make sure your company website links are in the spaces provided.

Do Your Research

Now that you have a good headshot, and your profile is completed, why don’t you follow a few companies in which you’re interested? Make sure you are utilizing LinkedIn to its full potential and gaining the information relevant to your industry that it has to offer. The more you know about the company or industry, the better preapared for an interview you will be.

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