Best-in-Class: CEOs & Thought Leaders on LinkedIn

You may think of LinkedIn as a mere digital rolodex, or you may already be among those who appreciate and leverage it for the treasure chest of thought leadership that it is. You may not necessarily look to Bob, your old college buddy who just connected with you on LinkedIn, for rich insights into entrepreneurship, global financial trends, leadership, self-help, or much else, but here are a few noteworthy CEOs and thought leaders who you should most definitely follow on LinkedIn to glean just those sorts of pearls of wisdom.

  • Richard Branson
    • He might be the first person to come to mind when you think of the word entrepreneur, so it should come as no surprise that Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group, has a thing or two to share with us about how to run a business, how to achieve a goal, or simply how to be the person you want to be. So, give him a follow! I mean, who wouldn’t want advice from one of the world’s most successful businessmen.
  • Tim Ferriss
    • A self-proclaimed “human guinea pig,” Tim Ferriss has spoken intimately with and taken advice from a wide array of the most successful people on the planet. Now, thanks to his bestselling books, his blog, or his ample LinkedIn presence, you can receive and appreciate the direct benefits of this advice, distilled and bottled, precisely for your consumption.
  • Betty Liu
    • Though a journalist by trade, Betty Liu is now the CEO of Radiate Inc., and, much like Tim Ferriss, has made a less than bashful career for herself by taking her aptitude for connecting with people and using it to harness the entrepreneurial wisdom of some of the world’s most successful people. Whether you join Radiate for the full wealth of her experience and knowledge or just catch an occasional article of hers on LinkedIn, you’re sure to benefit markedly.
  • Ryan Holmes
    • Now CEO of Hootsuite, Ryan Holmes has been a lifelong entrepreneur, as well as a recent proponent for the increase of CEO thought leadership on social media. So, it’s not surprising then that he has put his proverbial money where his mouth is and has taken to social media in general, and LinkedIn specifically, with purpose. Following Holmes on LinkedIn for his take on an impressive range of topics is sure to be worth your while.
  • Sallie Krawcheck
    • Unlike the adage throw like a girl, the Ellevest value proposition invest like a woman is anything but a slight. And Ellevest CEO Sallie Krawcheck has dedicated her career to empowering women financially, helping them to set and achieve their goals, and, ultimately, to realize their potential. While her LinkedIn presence only scratches the surface of what she has to offer, it’s a great place to start.
  • Bill Gates
    • No list of CEOs or thought leadership on LinkedIn would be complete without everyone’s favorite billionaire, Bill Gates. Known the world over for his technological, entrepreneurial and humanitarian contributions, he has now consolidated much of his knowledge, insight and opinion on his blog, gatesnotes, as well as his LinkedIn account. If you’re looking to broaden your horizons with the help of some prolific thought leadership, that’s one account you should not pass up.

There are so many people and so many perspectives on all aspects of life, but if you were to only follow a half dozen individuals on LinkedIn, you could do a lot worse than choosing these CEOs and thought leaders to follow.

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