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YouTube Partner Program Gets Public Release; Lets Users Monetize Content

To help build up more original content on the site, YouTube’s Partner Program has now opened to the public. Prior to this announcement, the program was only available to some creators who had created videos obtaining a few million views. Now, anyone from the approved list of countries can get involved. The only requirement is to have one piece of suitable content that can be monetized. One of the service’s goals is to improve the quality of each YouTuber’s work by holding different training sessions and services such as creator clubs and production features alongside partner promotion.

Cat Haven Rescues Dozens After Social Media Campaign

Dozens of cats and kittens were abandoned on land owned by the Public Transport Authority in Joondalup, Australia. Over the past few weeks, the Cat Haven was flatly refused access to the land to rescue them, according to the animal welfare agency. The frustrated agency then took to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and urged its followers to contact the PTA and the City of Joondalup via phone and email on Friday evening. Cat Haven spokesman David Settelmaier said that within two hours they had won the support of the PTA and were allowed to inspect the site.

Maryland Becomes First State to Ban Employers From Asking for Social Media Passwords

The Maryland General Assembly recently passed legislation prohibiting employers in the state from asking current and prospective employees for their user names and passwords to websites such as Facebook and Twitter. If Gov. Martin O’Malley signs the bill, it would make Maryland the first state in the nation to set such a restriction into law. Other states considering similar legislation include Illinois and California.

As Tax Deadline Looms, IRS Using Social Media to Help Last-Minute Filers

The IRS has made tax information available on social media tools for all of those last-minute filers. “So far this tax season, more than 1 million taxpayers have viewed the IRS’s popular YouTube video tax tips, about 500,000 have downloaded the IRS phone app and more than 188,000 have viewed the IRS widgets,” said IRS spokesman Michael Devine. The IRS offers video tax tips on a variety of topics in English, Spanish, and American Sign Language on YouTube, has more than 24,000 followers on Twitter, and has Podcasts available on iTunes.

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