5 Social Media Treats for Halloween

Trick or Treat! I was trying to find a costume for a Halloween party when I found some fun social networks. While Lisa is working on 26 Social Media Marketing Examples, I thought I’d bring you 5 Social Media sites to sweeten your day. Don’t worry there aren’t any tricks!istock_000007390231xsmall.jpg

1. Are You a Hoff Hottie? – David Hasselhoff fans unite! This is the ultimate social network for any fan of the Hoff-man. With over 16,000 members this site is no joke. Members can add widgets like the Hasselhoff slide show, view his videos (though I am certain that his most infamous is absent) and most importantly add a music widget so fans can hear “Looking for Freedom” all day long. Fans can read David’s blog, write their own blogs, talk in the forum or chat room.

2. It’s Bacon! – While its not officially live, Bacon Lover’s Talk packages itself as “a community where you can share, discuss, and participate around all things bacon.” The blog has enticing, artery choking entries like “Chicken Fried Bacon” and a blog roll of other bacon lovers like The Royal Bacon Society. The best part has to be the Bacon pin-up calendar. Who wouldn’t want that on your screen everyday? The site is hosted by Oscar Mayer and it will be interesting to see how they brand themselves on the page.

3. I See Candy In Your Future – Ever want to predict the future? Well Ziitrend.com is the site to give you that chance. Create a topic with various outcomes, and join other Ziibos (members of the community) to vote for predictions. Later you can see how different predictions played out and how well you do at predicting. Some predictions are surprisingly accurate (88% did not believe Facebook would adopt the OpenID system), some are not as accurate (only 15% expected the Google Phone to appear this quarter) and some are just silly (like trying to predict the stock market).

4. Do You Know Who Your Dog’s Friends Are?- One would think that animals are incapable of joining social networks. However, these non-human fur balls have jumped on the social media bandwagon evidenced by the fact that I am a friend of a dog on Facebook. Now more animal friendly sites like Dogster and MyDogSpace have showed up. Now your pet can friend other pets on multiple networks. Owners can chat about health and care, breed, and even adopt more lovable companions. Don’t have a dog? Don’t worry! There are multiple places for cats, ponies, and even hamsters.

5. More than Just Kicks – How much do you love your shoes? Personally, I wear one pair until the soles slap the pavement. But if I had other pairs then I might showcase them at Sneakerplay.com. Upload your shoes, browse other footware, and discuss all things street fashion. The most interesting thing seems to be Sneaker Battles. Sneakers go head to head and all results are tallied into a master ranking. A fun site with a lot of advertising backing from companies like Nike and EA.

Of course with sites like Ning allowing users to create their own niche sites, I am sure there are some zanier sites out there. What are some of your favorite social sites?

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

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