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Prigat’s Real Time Social Smile Stations

Facebook fans of Prigat, the Israeli juice company, had the opportunity to send real time messages to interactive digital billboards in the hopes of getting passers by to smile and like their message. People walking past could approach a screen and press a physical “Like” button which would broadcast a video of the moment they read the message back to the user who sent it. The users who generated the most smiles won prizes.

Coca-Cola Replaces Brand With Fan Names For Viral Campaign

As part of its ‘Share a Coke‘ campaign in Australia, Coca-Cola is replacing its brand name.  150 of the most common Australian names have been printed on bottles and cans to be sold at retail outlets. Each of the names come with a song which can be downloaded through the Coca-Cola Australian Facebook page. Alongside this campaign, fans can create their own Coke commercials with pictures from their Facebook albums, share a virtual coke, and be eligible to win $50,000 to share with their friends.

Mike’s Hard Lemonade ‘Zombifies’ Customers

Mike’s Hard Lemonade is launching a Halloween promotion including a Facebook application where consumers can “zombify” photos and share them on their page. Fans can transform their standard Facebook photos by manipulating their pictures with blood, gore, and ghoulish facial details. The campaign — created by AgencyNet, Mike’s Hard Lemonade digital agency of record — is the latest effort in a program to encourage consumers to think of the flavored malt beverage for year-round occasions and not just for summertime.

New Social Media Site Helps Strangers Meet for Dinner

Based off the British reality show ‘Come Dine With Me,’ the new site Foodhost allows total strangers to host or attend dinner parties. Foodies can use filters like distance, diet, time, and host ratings to find exactly what they’re looking for. Hosts aren’t allowed to charge their guests for their meal. The Foodhost website will, however, take a small booking fee of up to five euros per person.

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