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Threadless Launches a Valentine’s-themed Pinterest Contest

Last week, the folks over at Threadless announced a fun Pinterest contest just in time for Valentine’s Day. To enter, contestants needed to make a board titled “Threadless Vday challenge” specifically for the person they have in mind. They then had to add 10 pins to the board that would make great gifts for their special person, with at least 5 being Threadless products. One lucky pinner will get $100 in Threadless cash and a $100 Amazon gift card so they can get their special someone something special.

Japan Invests $280,000 Into Social Media To Help Galvanize Tourism Industry

In an effort to stimulate tourism in the country, Japan’s Foreign Ministry has invested 21.5 million yen, or roughly $280,000 into a social media project. The ministry is inviting popular bloggers and twitter users from around the world to visit areas devastated by the earthquake and tsunami. This news comes after Japan recently considered the idea of offering 10,000 free flights to visitors who would then hopefully use social media to talk about their trip. The idea was rejected by the Japanese tourism board, who instead opted for a more targeted approach.

Digitas Attempts to Lure Bravo’s Top Chef To Boston

Marketing firm Digitas Inc. recently launched a social media campaign to persuade the producers of “Top Chef” to shoot in Boston for the show’s tenth season. The “You Gotta Try Boston” campaign is asking Bostonians to post their favorite restaurants on Facebook or Twitter. The campaign is part of Digitas’ pro bono work for the city to help promote Downtown Crossing, where Digitas is based. In addition to helping persuade the show’s producers, Rob Rizzo, executive creative director at Digitas, hopes the campaign will publicize some of the smaller, lower-profile restaurants – as well as the city’s famous ones.

Glam Media Launches, a Culinary Site with a Social Network Baked In

Last Thursday, Glam Media launched the new culinary website Social networking features will be built into the new site, making it the first instance of Glam using the technology it acquired after buying Ning last year. At launch, Foodie will feature content from prominent chefs, restauranteurs, established food critics and bloggers. CEO Samir Arora believeis iff Foodie is the success it’s expected to be, other verticals in Glam’s portfolio could go the social route as well. With 220 million unique visitors a month, 90 million of them in the United States, Glam might just have the audience to pull it off.

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