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FIAT’s Score a Scorpion Campaign

FIAT recently launched a Facebook campaign that gives fans the opportunity to participate in the social media version of a classic scavenger hunt. The contest is called Score a Scorpion and gives fans the chance to win a new FIAT 500 Abarth, which will officially launch in March. Score a Scorpion challenges participants to solve hints and then use those hints to find scorpions hiding on web pages all over the internet. The more scorpions participants find, the more chances they have to win. The contest runs until March 4, so check out to enter.

Neiman Marcus Celebrates Christian Louboutin with 20th Anniversary Collection

In celebration of the Christian Louboutin 20th Anniversary, Neiman Marcus has announced the launch of the “Sole Seekers” social media challenge. The campaign asks social media users to submit photos of Christian Louboutin shoes; whether they be their own, ones they see at Neiman Marcus stores or, or of the Christian Louboutin billboard on LA’s Sunset Blvd. On March 10th, one user’s image will be selected at random and earn the photographer a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes.

Gnip Becomes Twitter’s First Authorized Reseller of Data

While tweets older than seven days aren’t available to the general public, social data provider Gnip has struck a deal with Twitter to provide access to data going back thirty days in the past. Though Gnip has been able to provide brands with information concerning what people are saying about them online, this has been their customers’ most requested feature. The service, officially called Thirty-Day Replay, adds to the 3 billion social activities shown to its clients every day.

New Social Network for Caregivers

Former Sun Microsystems CEO Jonathan Schwartz is offering caregivers a social networking service in the form of CareZone. The goal of CareZone is to serve the needs of those that care for their parents, their children, or the loved ones. The subscription-based service can be used to provide a permanent reference for key information including names and addresses, blood type, and allergies. It also provides a way to manage medications and therapies, including dosage, frequency, and reactions.

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