Announcing Today’s Global MicroMedia Flash Mob @ 6:30pm (EST)

What are your thoughts on the future of communication? Do you have 5 minutes to spare today?

Jeremiah Owyang just alerted me to a MicroMedia Flash Mob/Meetup that he and the ubiquitous Robert Scoble are organizing today at 3:30pm (PST)/6:30pm (EST). The event will take no longer than 5 minutes, so be on time!

More info from their wiki:

What is it?

A mini-meeting to explore the changing communication formats, mediums, and needs of the times, each time a new topic will be expored, discussed, and shared. It’s started by Robert Scoble and Jeremiah Owyang.

What is MicroMedia?

Quick text, audio or video messages published using web based or mobile technologies often distributed using other social media tools. (more details)

In short, this event will be a very cool way for you to use your various MicroMedia tools to participate in what has the potential of being a global conversation about the future of communications.

See you there…

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