Wacky Holidays & The Brands That Interact With Them

We’ve previously discussed how and when brands should engage with certain holidays through their social media presences. Although, while we’ve offered guidance for social engagement on more conventional holidays, there remains a wide and varied range of wacky, bizarre, and utterly unique holidays out there that some brands don’t even know exist, but some do. Today, we’re exploring how these brands in the know play their hand and jump on board some of the strangest holidays out there.

Star Wars Day – May the Fourth

Now, everyone loves Star Wars, but it’s quite clear from some of the social activity online on Star Wars Day (May the Fourth, in case you didn’t know), that some love it a bit more than others. A few brands, in particular, have gone the extra mile to show their fandom for the epic space franchise. Totinos zany twitter representative, Pete Zaroll, shows what happens when lunch is corrupted by the power of the force. Jolly Rancher pits good versus evil in a flavor showdown for the ages. And, of course, no Star Wars Day would be complete without Lego, perhaps the biggest Star Wars fan brand in the galaxy, tipping their plastic hat.


Talk Like A Pirate Day

Another lesser known holiday that none but the bravest, most swashbuckling brands interact with on social occurs on September 19th, and is colloquially referred to as Talk Like A Pirate Day. Pirate’s Booty seemed to be champing at the bit to let Good Morning America know that they knew what day it was on 9/19. The roaming Travelocity Gnome (who’s something like a tiny pirate himself) proposed an alternative, and perhaps even more authentic version of the obscure holiday. And even the United States Capitol’s twitter account chimed in with an actual, albeit slightly less playful, pirate-themed post.

Shark Week

By no means obscure, but still slightly off the beaten path, Shark Week is less than a national holiday, but much, much more than your regularly scheduled programming. That’s why we see brands of every industry coming together to show their enthusiasm for the scariest, mightiest fish in the sea by interacting with this cultural phenomenon. Doritos shows us that a triangular shape of their chip is more than just a coincidence when it comes to sightings at the beach (or cantina). Audi reminds us to be ever cautious before entering the parking lot. And Airbus, of all brands, comes out with a plane sporting a very shark-like grin. (We’d hate to be runway crew for that flight!)


Groundhog Day

And, finally, we have one of our very own #clients, Ivory, supporting a holiday that has some pretty significant implications to its audience: Groundhog Day! Whether you’ll be facing six more weeks of winter when you step out of the tub or not, Ivory wants you to know that it’ll be by your side.

Well, there you have it. It’s just a small peek into the realm of wacky holidays and the brands who interact with them, but it’s certainly enough to get you thinking, which wacky holiday are you looking forward to, and how are you planning on engaging with it?

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