Social Media That Made Us Laugh This Month

The great Dr. Seuss once said, “You have to be odd, to be number one,” and while this quote can be interpreted many ways, to me it has always meant that to be the best, you must not be afraid to be a little quirky. Within Social Media these days, there is an influx of brands and businesses competing for that number one spot. You want your brand to be that best friend that consumers will laugh with, live with, follow in their daily lives, and share to others in their newsfeeds. And while there are many tactics that brands may follow to try and achieve that number one spot, humor and oddity always seem to be the best fit when done right.

So here are a few brands that are doing a great job of not only making us laugh this month – but keeping us coming back to watch for more:

Domino’s Pizza

It seems nowadays that everyone is jumping on the “millennials love pizza trend,” but there is one pizza company that is taking it to a whole new level. Capitalizing on concepts that every consumer loves but may not openly admit; stuffing your face till you feel sick, not wanting to share your food, and not caring what others think about that, has seemed to produce some great content for Domino’s.

Burger King

Taking the obnoxious and annoying route to evoke laughs on Twitter can be a hard gamble for many brands. While many have tried this tactic and failed, Burger King has somehow found the secret mix of obnoxious and annoying that makes their tweets not only funny but pretty awesome. Could it be that by making their content sound like it was written by an enthusiastic and hungry ten year old kid, they are connecting with that inner annoying kid in all of us, who just wishes that they could spam their Twitter feeds with the same posts and get the same reactions?

Old Spice

Getting true engagement from your fans is an always moving target, as it can be tricky to find what will make your customers want to interact with you at that exact moment. This month, Old Spice tested out a new engagement tactic by crowdsourcing a promotional video and hosting an open casting call on Twitter. You probably wouldn’t think that an open casting call, or even a crowdsourced movie, could be that hilarious, but when the open casting call is for roles such as “Pterodactyl” and “Unruly Cowboy”, and the movie is just a blank screen with random sound, hilariousness and ridiculousness ensue.

Hope you enjoyed this month’s round up of social media that made us laugh! If you didn’t find any of this funny, you may want to check your sense of humor, or contact us, and we can help you to find that humorous voice!

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