Social Media That Made Us Laugh This Month

Establishing your brand voice is critical in the social space. Don’t take my word for it, take Stephanie’s whose blog post was picked up by AdWeek!

In a world where there is so much noise, standing out can be a challenge. So, how do you stand out while staying consistent with your social strategy? Through genuinely good content that is relatable and engages users (a little humor doesn’t hurt, either).

We picked a couple of brands that are keeping us coming back for more, month after month!


When it comes to Twitter, Wendy’s does not play by the rules. In fact, they are the sass master! Wendy’s is most famous for their hamburgers and frosty, however, they can also serve a double helping of sassiness. Stay savage, Wendy’s!

Burger King:

If you have heard of elf on the shelf, you’ve probably seen this in your social media feed and wondered what it’s about.

‘Thing on a Thing’ wasn’t the wrong answer but as Burger King tweeted wasn’t the right answer either. In case you are wondering, the right answer is “king on a wing”. This social media trend came and went quickly. Trends can be hard for brands to execute; however, Burger King did a great job!


Caught red handed, or more so, #CaughtOnNestCam! A Nest customer installed Nest Cameras on the exterior of their house and found out the true definition of “drop delivery”! Hope they weren’t delivering anything fragile.

Good news, the fun doesn’t have to end! Check out other things that made us laugh, here and here!

More importantly, want to add a little sass to your brand voice on social? Contact us.

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