#NBASitcoms Is My New Favorite Hashtag

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The NBA is certainly winning this summer. Even during the off-season the Association has been a huge topic of conversation, in no small part due to LeBron James. Yesterday, many of the Association’s teams started to spontaneously engage in a hashtag known as #NBASitcoms. For any NBA fan, it was amazing to say the least.

Atlanta Hawks

The Atlanta-based crew from NBA on TNT  loved to poke fun at players and coaches. Lobbing this old joke their way was a nice touch. What better sitcom to reference a deadly three-point shooter?

Dallas Mavericks

Using Dirk Nowitski’s name in word play never gets old… never.

Denver Nuggets

How could you use names Danilo Gallinari, Randy Foye, and Tywon Lawson? Like this: and this: and this:

Golden State Warriors

When you’ve got a duo called “The Splash Brothers,” there’s only one reasonable #NBASitcom.  And when you’ve got a player named Draymond Green, you might be legally obligated to make this pun.

Milwaukee Bucks

That moment when you don’t have to modify a player or show’s name at all and it works perfectly. A somewhat under-the-radar player (Giannis Antetokounmpo, from Greece known as the Greek Freak for his freakish athleticism) and a somewhat under-the-radar show (Freaks and Geeks) combine.

Minnesota Timberwolves

This might be the only time in Gorgui Dieng’s career that his name is perfect for a pun.

New Orleans Pelicans

Jrue Holiday… Jrue… two… I think you get the idea. 

Philadelphia 76ers

The only player to ever score 100 points in a single game and a sassy red head? I’d watch it. What should you watch this Fall? I think I have The Answer (see what I did there?).

Phoenix Suns

I would really like to see Joseph Gordon-Levitt in this one.

San Antonio Spurs

Fittingly, as the Spurs were this season's champions, they also were the winners of #NBASitcoms. How in the world did someone figure out how to cleverly use names like Kawhi Leonard and Marco Belinelli? I'll never know.