Social Media Roundup: New Year’s

As a whole, 2017 was a trip. From politics to entertainment and everywhere in between, there’s been a lot going on, even within the social sphere. While it certainly was an experience, a lot of us are looking forward to what 2018 has to offer. Here’s to those brands that helped us to ring in the new year with style and gave us something to look forward to.


In a single tweet, SoulCycle spoke to me on so many levels. You’re right, I do want to eat cookies, SoulCycle. How did you know? Honestly, I was surprised that as a New York based fitness company, they didn’t jump on the traditional bandwagon of that, “Get back to the gym, you know you should!” mentality. Taking a different approach to the new year and how you should take care of yourself is refreshing. It feels less like a looming reminder to not eat so many darn cookies, and more of a reminder to take care of your physical AND mental health. It’s a nice change to what you normally see, and it certainly resonated with their target.


I LOVE this. It’s incredibly simple, but so what? Not only does this hit their fan base right on the mark, but it also uses terminology (double-cleanse) that makes sense to their target. Between the colors, font, and style of the post that they chose, they knew exactly what they were doing. Sometimes it doesn’t take anything extreme to get your brand’s point across and say what you need.


Yeah, I’m mentioning two makeup companies. So, sue me. With this post, I’d recommend clicking through to the actual video so you can get the full effect. The cursive text on the line switches to other resolutions that typical makeup users tell themselves they’re going to do, like washing their face every night. The post copy encourages Ulta’s followers to comment what their beauty-related new year’s resolution is, and they received many relevant responses. While there is a large variation in responses, everyone seems to have their own small goal they want to accomplish for the new year. Not only does this get their community talking, but these types of posts can encourage content ideas for Ulta in the future.


Walmart may be a huge company, but that doesn’t mean they automatically know what they’re doing with social media. They know they appeal to everyone, and having such a large audience can be difficult to target sometimes, especially during a holiday like New Year’s when, depending on lifestyle, one segment could be doing something completely different than another. Photo albums and collages can be great for this type of targeting, which they utilized quite well. Walmart was able to target three separate groups in one post by asking a leading question, and having stylized images of what a night could look like for someone in their audience.

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