Five Content Themes to Embrace this Valentine’s Day

Holidays can be a brand’s best friend on social media, if used correctly. While some holidays beg for a post, others should be skipped. Lucky for you, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and this is a golden opportunity to connect with your followers. Before you go tweeting your heart out, take a look at these past examples of brands who know how to show their followers some love without going overboard.

1. Keep it Light

Take a page out of Michael Kors’ book. Michael Kors kept it simple and created a cute, fun video that showed a series of handbags that were hit with cupid’s arrow and fell in love. This animated content is fun and light, and also showcased some of the brand’s merchandise. The playful storytelling catches the attention of the viewer and will make you swoon.

2. Make it Special

Starbucks offered a handful of special edition beverages that were only available for a limited time. These Valentine’s Day themed drinks were flavored with raspberry, and topped with fluffy whipped cream. These menu items were cute enough to treat yourself, or your significant other. Not to mention the user generated content for the brand, because who doesn’t like to Instagram their frappuccino?


3. Don’t Leave Anyone Out

Excuse us, but not everyone is in love. Avoid excluding your fans by doing the opposite and highlighting the beauty of taking time to celebrate yourself. Domino’s dominated the independent crowd with #WhyImSingle. Using humor to engage with your fans can strike just the right chord, and you don’t even have to be single to enjoy this one.

4. Make it Theirs

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, and lovers love to display their love. Ask your fans to share a picture, story, or other personal facet of their relationship. Taking a step away from the spotlight gives your fans a chance to shine. Tiffany & Co asked their followers to share a date that meant a lot in their relationships. This may have been their first date, the first time they met the other’s family, or the day they wed. The brand is reaching out and recognizing those relationships and providing a space to shamelessly and publicly tell their story.

5. Be Helpful

Last but not least, the unoriginal, but necessary gift guide. If you’ve ever found yourself aimlessly wandering around Target at 9pm on February 13th, with nothing in your basket but the last bag of heart shaped candies and a cheap bottle of wine, you know the feeling. Nobody wants to be that guy, and you don’t want your fans to be that guy. Help them out by providing some ideas for the perfect, thoughtful (even if it is last minute) gift. This gives you the opportunity to show that you’re rooting for them and believe in your products without being salesy, like this content from Nordstrom. Sharing an easy link to view their top Valentine’s Day jewelry gifts will surely generate some great ideas.

Valentine’s Day can be tricky for brands to maneuver around, but just the right amount of sweet content will be sure to delight your audience.

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