Best Practices for Holiday Content on Pinterest

The holidays and Pinterest … name a more iconic duo. I’ll wait.

But really, there are few things that go together so well. Pinterest is a platform that ignites inspiration and discovery, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that searches and pins turns into purchases — 55% of users who use the platform to find/shop for products. At over 100 million monthly active users and its strong purchasing power, it would be crazy to ignore this platform during the holidays.

There’s a method to all this pinning madness though. Before you start, here are a few key tips to get your strategy started this holiday season.

The Earlier The Better

How far in advance do you think users start searching Pinterest for the holidays? One month? Two months? Well, try five months … pretty shocking, right? While activity certainly spikes closer to the holidays, it’s clear that these events and planning are top of mind on Pinterest for far longer than we’d typically think.

Hundreds of millions of pins are saved each year during the holidays – according to Pinterest, Halloween comes in second at 226 million, with Christmas being the most popularly pinned holiday at 564 million ideas. Given the amount of content we’re seeing on this channel and the early start users are getting, the sooner you can get content up, the better.

Give Your Boards Some TLC

Think of Pinterest as a giant search engine. In order for your content to be seen by the most users, your brand will need to be smart with the way your content is being published. Searches vary by season, trend, and holiday so be sure to do your research beforehand and adjust keywords accordingly. An easy place to start is typing in the holiday and see what populates on their search bar:

Also, don’t hesitate to give your older content a facelift by adjusting the captions and boards to fit the season and trends. When it comes to Pinterest it’s all about quality over quantity, so instead of investing in 20 new pins this week, see what you can do to maximize your existing boards and seasonal content.

Think Outside the Box

Pinterest is a channel that users visit to get inspired, so make sure your content is doing just that. There are spikes in searches for new, trendy ideas – especially when it comes to food, travel, and clothing. It’s clear users are saying goodbye to traditional holiday ideas, so it’s up to your brand to think outside the box when you’re planning your holiday Pinterest content, and challenge the traditional trends that we so often see. Think international cuisines, trendy styles, and alternative gift ideas to start.

Promote These Pins

It’s no secret that most platforms are pay to play at this point. That idea is even more true during the holiday season. Considering Facebook is predicting a 40% increase in paid spend in December, it’s clear that brands are going to be fighting for social media space during the busy buying season.

There are a few reasons why your paid social plan should include Pinterest. Not only does the channel have huge buying power, but Pinterest has been heavily focused on their ad units for some time now, and it shows in the innovation. They’re creating user-friendly and unique ad units that are pleasing both Pinners and brands alike. Your promoted pin can focus on a specific product or a few at a time.

Here’s to another busy but bountiful holiday season! Need help executing these ideas? Be sure to contact our expert social media team!

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