10 Steps to Optimize Facebook Ads

Facebook ads make up arguably the single most effective element of Facebook marketing that will drive measurable ROI to your business. They can help you broaden your fan base, get more engagement and convert your fans into customers much more efficiently than making organic posts alone can.

10 Steps to Optimize Facebook Ads

1. Based on how much you can afford and how you would like to control costs, you can choose to set a daily budget or a lifetime budget for a campaign.

2. Facebook expects you to submit bids on the ads you want to run. Keep a mix of high and low bids for your ads, as higher bids often result in higher CTRs.

3. Target clear audiences – by interests, gender, location, education or any of the variables that an average user provides to Facebook as a part of their personal Facebook profile:

  • Fans
  • Email List Subscribers
  • Non-Fans Based on Interests
  • Non-Fans Based on Lookalike Audiences
  • Past Visitors to Your Website (Retargeting)

4. Create ‘Saved Target Groups’ using the Facebook Power Editor and market to them consistently. Power Editor is a great free plugin on Chrome that allows you to manage your Facebook advertising more efficiently.

power editor

5. Don’t go too crazy narrowing down your audience. While a large audience means equally large budgets, any audience that is too small will not give you the results you want. Keep the audience numbers in at least a few thousands to get measurable results.

6. Track conversion of your Facebook ads using Offsite Tracking Pixels. These are also called conversion pixels and tell you exactly how many fans went from your Facebook ads to your website and eventually made a purchase. Reconfirm this number using Google Analytics.

7. Optimize and recalibrate your Facebook ads regularly. There is a chance that with the changing audiences that Facebook attracts every day, your older campaigns maybe languishing in their performance. Any campaign that shows CTRs under 0.035 needs to be recalibrated ASAP.

8. Create Facebook Ad Reports for your different campaigns that will show spends, likes, cost per like etc.

ad reports

9. Reach out to subscribers of your email newsletters via Facebook Ads. You can do this by creating a custom list that can be uploaded into Facebook via a simple CSV file or through your email service provider and that does not include your current Facebook fans.

10. Rotate the creative for your Facebook ads on a regular basis. You can upload up to 6 images per ad to keep them fresh and interesting to your readers.

Taking your Facebook presence from a handful of disengaged fans to a flourishing community that contributes directly to your bottom-line is not rocket science. All it takes is a pinch of dedication, a dash of hard work and a big helping of creativity.

About the Author

Rohan Ayyar is the Project Manager at E2M, India’s premium digital marketing agency. Rohan frequently blogs on social media, ecommerce and conversion rate optimization and his articles have been featured in leading publications such as Fast Company, Search Engine Journal and Social Media Today. Hit him up on Twitter @searchrook.

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