This Quick Work-Around Will Fool Facebook’s Algorithm and Expand Organic Reach

Community managers kicked off 2014 with a big problem: driving organic Reach on Facebook. A tweak to the Facebook algorithm in December drastically cut Reach for brand pages; in some cases brand posts only reach 3% of Facebook fans.  These are dark days for Facebook marketers, but there could be a light at the end of this figurative tunnel.

There’s a simple posting strategy that appears to deliver expanded organic Reach and solid Engagement: Add more than one photo to Facebook media posts. Here’s an example of a multiple media post:


Ignite Community Managers tested this strategy with two brands and both saw organic Reach more than triple. With this work-around, current organic reach is almost as high as it was back in those golden days of early 2013. As an added benefit, Engagement does not appear to suffer. In the past, text only posts were utilized to increase Reach at the loss of Engagement. Multiple photo posting seems to boost Reach and Engagement.

Brand A normally reaches 300-500 fans per post.  With a multi-photo approach, they organically reached 3,446 fans.


An average media post for Brand B reaches 150 fans.  A post with two photos achieved an organic Reach of 535 fans.


Is this a long-term magic fix? Probably not. Facebook regularly tweaks its algorithm and another twist is surely on the way. But for the time being, multiple media posting can be an easy way to boost organic Reach.

Happy Facebook games & may reach be ever in your favor. Have you tested another work-around for Facebook to expand organic reach?

Ignite Social Media