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10 Types of Brands that Should Leverage the Breaking Bad Finale

With any big event, brands will most surely try to leverage pop culture with a clever tweet or Facebook post, and the final episode of Breaking Bad is no exception. Some brands will do it well and some rather poorly. Are you unsure if your brand should piggyback on the popularity? Well, here are 10 types of brands that should absolutely leverage the buzz surrounding the Breaking Bad finale.

Warning: Spoilers… lots of them.

1. Underwear

Since his days on Malcolm in the Middle, Bryan Cranston has often joked that people love seeing him in his underwear and he’s more than happy to please. You can probably understand why from looking at the picture below. Given Walter White’s proclivity to appear in his skivvies throughout the series, it would be very wise for an underwear brand to create a brief tribute.

Walter White Underwear

2. Cooking

Classes, schools, books, blogs, ware… really any brand related to the culinary arts should get in on the action. Although it has nothing to do with food, “the cook” is such a big part of the show. There are plenty of opportunities for clever word play.

Breaking Bad Cook

3. Breakfast Food and Restaurants

This is an aspect of the show I can’t imagine the writers envisioning taking off like it did. Regardless, Walter Jr. (a.k.a. Flynn) has become synonymous with bacon, eggs, cereal, and orange juice. So, when you’re brainstorming your weekend content, keep a Sunday morning post in mind. Because honestly, what better way to start Breaking Bad Finale Day than with a hearty breakfast?

RJ Mitte Breakfast

4. Home Brewing

Sure, a beer brand could give a nod to the Schraderbrau. But, given that Hank fermented the concoction in his garage, it would be much more apt if a home brewing company were to salute the fictional brew. Pour one out for ASAC Schrader.

5. Pizza

I’m sure a lot of Breaking Bad watch parties are going to have pizza at them. It would be fantastic if a pizza brand offered an “uncut” special for that evening.

6. Car Washes

When you’re involved in a business this dirty, it’s important to have soap and water handy. Mentioning the White family’s “legitimate” enterprise may convince a few fans to get their car washed this Sunday afternoon.

Breaking Bad Car Wash

7. Recreational Vehicles

Although not an actor, the RV featured in the show is just as much a character as any of the others. Any recreational vehicle brand should jump at this opportunity. Besides, once Breaking Bad ends, fans will now have plenty of free weekends to travel, possibly to a few of the shows more notable locations.

Breaking Bad RV

8. New Hampshire and New Mexico Tourism

Do you need to get away? No, like REALLY need to get away? Seriously though, if the New Hampshire and New Mexico tourism boards don’t take advantage of this opportunity, I’m going to be very disappointed.

Breaking Bad New Hampshire

9. Office Supplies

I bet you never thought a paper clip could be used to escape from sociopathic anarchist aryans. Any McGuyver-esque social media updates would be very humorous and appropriate.

Breaking Bad Jesse Pinkman

10. Chemistry

Like Bill Nye the Science Guy and MythBusters, the show has made chemistry, and science in general, pretty darn cool. Online classes, after-school programs, and community colleges should all promote the science of change.

Warning: there’s meth math… lots of it.

Breaking Bad Chemistry

Final Concerns

So, you still might be concerned mentioning a show that so prominently features illegal drugs and violence. That is a valid concern. However, I suggest taking a moment to think about two of the more notable pop culture trends in recent memory: vampires and zombies. At their core, those are two violent, horrific concepts. But when they’re parodied, it strips all the negativity away from them. Think about Breaking Bad in the same way and you’ll be just fine.

There are also copyright laws and other issues community managers need to keep in mind while cooking up content. Read our recent post What Community Managers Need to Know About Copyrights to learn more.

But those are just a few ideas. What other types of brands do you think can leverage this momentous occasion?

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  • Brian McDonald
    Posted at 17:07h, 25 September

    Great post Craig. It’s such better TV than Zombies and Vampires!

    Do you think the major brands have time to get it ready by this Sunday?

  • Craig Carter
    Posted at 17:19h, 25 September

    Thanks, Brian! I agree, although “The Walking Dead” isn’t too shabby.

    Absolutely. A lot of it depends on how streamlined their content creation process is. But if their writers, designers, and community managers are all on the same page, they should have plenty of time.

    If they want to be extra fancy, they might go so far as to plan their own watch party and create content based on something that happens in the episode.

  • Brian McDonald
    Posted at 09:10h, 26 September

    Real time content based on finale would be awesome.
    One brand that got left in the dust on this would be Pontiac with the Aztec Walt drove in early episodes. Since the brand is dead would be cool to see a tribute commercial by GM!

  • lucy
    Posted at 15:43h, 28 September

    Not just any underwear, fruit of the loom briefs. I saw they put something up on Facebook today. Maybe they listened to your advice!

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