Top Tools to Create Amazing Content

Creating amazing content sounds like the easiest, yet most difficult task you could attempt. Some would assume you just sit in front of a computer screen and cool content just appears in an hour. Well, that rarely happens. If you want to create amazing content, most people need specific tools and inspiration in the process.

Top Tools to Create Content

Instagram’s Explore Page

We have all heard of Instagram. A lot of us use Instagram for long hours during the day, usually just to keep up with our friends or celebrities, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But I can personally testify to the usefulness of the discover page. While it seems like a normal thing to look at the explore page since it’s so easily accessible from the primary page, you may not know how handy it can be in making amazing content. Every time I am starting a new project that requires some type of design, I check my explore page where all types of graphic design and illustration posts have been curated just for me. I find that these posts on the explore page tend to be more colorful, vivid, and connected than just going on Google to find references. So many freelancers, designers, and content creators post and are shown on the explore page that you really get an inspiration of what people are searching for in social content.


Admittedly, when I first heard about Canva, I was against it. During my time freelancing, I looked at it as something that would take away potential clients, since it gave people a simple way to personally carry out a lot of the same tasks I was devoting my time to. But if you use Canva, you find just how useful it can be for anyone. Canva not only contains multiple helpful tips and presentations to shake up your thoughts, but it answers a lot of issues you may have when you are about to create. It also gives you easy options to share and collaborate on projects, as well as plenty of templates for social media content that at the least will help you get started. It is a useful tool if you are looking to create some great content with a little bit of assistance.


Fonts are one of the biggest factors to consider when creating any type of content online. Font choice can make or break a project. Having typography skills could separate your content, and because of that, you need choices. Fontsquirrel not only gives free choices for fonts, it also can provide inspiration for any content that centers around words. While I may not download every font on the site, some of the crazy ideas that people create for download can really loosen your mind and put a few themes in your head. Coming across a whole dingbat font devoted to something such as Star Wars, could open your mind up to possibilities.

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