How to Prepare Your Holiday Content Mix

‘Tis the season for brands to recycle holiday content just like recycling Thanksgiving leftovers.  But wait, we can help you think outside the Tupperware container.

Step 1: Don’t be #basic.

Who is already over all the pumpkin-talk? We get it – ladies love pumpkin flavors. But, it has quickly become overkill. There’s nothing new, exciting or groundbreaking with pumpkin recipes.


When in doubt, join the season of giving by giving the consumer something new. You never want to re-gift, simply give a gift certificate or be the one to give itchy socks, so imagine what can your brand uniquely give this holiday season?

For example, channel our client Lowe’s Home Improvement’s DIY tips on a new twist to the pumpkin carving tradition:

Step 2: Don’t be the crazy aunt who shows up late to the party and only brings a fruit cake.

Timing is everything in our world. If you have a great holiday content idea, don’t blow it by revealing it too early or too late in the season. The right tweet at the right time could make your campaign, so always think in the mindset of the moment.

At the end of the day, we are selling moments and thankfully, the holiday season allows for many, many moments to organically happen. Optimize off of the feelings, emotions, excitement naturally surrounding holiday gatherings, such as a baby’s first Christmas, a proposal at Midnight kicking off 2016, watching a son cleanly tackle his dad during the annual family football game post-Thanksgiving meal, the lighting of the Hanukah candles, or when your Uncle Doug steals the best present at the White Elephant gift exchange party.

Step 3: If your ugly holiday sweater doesn’t fit, don’t wear it just because it’s an ugly holiday sweater.


Sometimes we, as marketers, try to fit the square peg in the round hole just to say, “Look, it fit!” But, not all brands should always enter the conversation simply just because. Actually, let’s use this rule-of-thumb: If at any time when you’re creating a new brand campaign and the reason is “just because” then you have my permission to squash it.

Always think, is this right for my brand? For instance, our client On The Border is a Tex-Mex inspired restaurant chain. They have the luxury to capitalize off of “Dia de los Muertos,” which is a traditional Mexican holiday celebrated this year on Oct. 31.

Step 4: Think sparkles, glitter, & gold first.

Social relies on aesthetically beautiful content, especially in Instagram and Pinterest. So my advice to you is make the most of that premium content budget since it’ll be high-traffic times on these channels. Like your New Year’s Eve outfit, go all out this season.


Step 5: Giving is truly better than receiving.

When dealing with big brands, immediately what comes to mind around the holiday season is, “how much product can we sell?” At the end of the day, this is our job. However, the holidays prove that your capability to give might actually pay off more in the end.

Take advantage of your philanthropic initiatives during this season, and tap into Giving Tuesday instead of pushing sales on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Consider donating money or efforts to a charitable organization that aligns with your company philosophy for every person who uses a unique branded hashtag on social.

And, that’s all folks. May your holiday season be filled with merriment and many, many RT’s.

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