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Great Social Content of Halloweens Past

Holiday season is right around the corner, and what better way to kick it off than with the spookiest of them all? While a lot of brands are already beginning to consider dos and don’ts for their holiday content, it’s important to make sure you don’t get caught up in future content so much that you forget to respond to audience needs now. Below, we’re going to look at some brands that excelled in making memorable Halloween social content that appeals to their audiences.



Oreo’s Instagram feed is one I’ve admired over the years. Some would think there’s only so much you content you can create with this little cookie, but those people would be wrong. The endless stream of beautiful and creative content within their feed throughout the year leaves you not only interested in what they have to share, but also wanting to play with your food. Despite their Pumpkin Spice flavored Oreos (seriously, why?) this brand knows exactly what they’re doing. Year over year, the content they produce maintains the same great quality, which is really a testament to how well thought out the process itself is. Including clever imagery that incorporates snack ideas, new product releases, and fun stop motion videos, their content tells a story and seamlessly appeals to their proper target audience.


Legend has it, there’s a curse on Target shoppers for all eternity. If you go in to buy one item, you are unable to leave the store without buying at least four more. Target has incorporated this urban myth into their social content for Halloween and, in turn, has appealed to their audience in a fun and relatable way. Through social, Target shares posts that are not only tongue-in-cheek, but also informative. The above image allows consumers to see different types of products available in store for the holiday in a more organic format. Beyond some of the more traditional post types, Target also hosted a Facebook Live video on October 1st. Titled Hyde and Eek Runway LIVE, this event showcased this year’s costumes for not only kids and adults, but also for DOGS. Having such a great pet section on a regular basis within their store already makes them a place that I check out for my pup, but content like this really resonates with avid shoppers and helps frame the mindset that dogs are part of the family too.



M&Ms tried something a little different last year that was wonderful. Using Instagram and told over 10 chapters (10 posts), they created a choose-your-own-adventure story and had followers swipe through an album post to read the whole chapter. Including video and accompanied by eerie Halloween-esque music, people could then comment on the post to say whether they preferred option A or B, thus helping to generate the guidelines for the next chapter of the story. This cute format incorporated the product into the story and left people interested enough in what was going to happen next that they followed up on the future posts.



These guys may be a #client, but I love their content. Year after year, Daisy Brand thinks of new and creative ways to add their products to different recipes that their audience will love. No matter what holiday, they have a wide variety of options that can work for anyone through the recipe database on their website. Not only do they have all these recipes available to share, but the content created and shared to the newsfeed has stopping power. Timely content is well executed through various types of media and across several channels, but this canvas ad was a favorite of mine. Incorporating a wide spread of options, having consistent flow across imagery, and still managing to keep the product in focus without overwhelming everything else shows that this was planned thoroughly.

Tell us, have you seen any Halloween content so far this season that can top this list? Are you looking for help with your brand’s holiday content? Contact us here.

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