Dos Equis Topless

Facebook Marketing Content Inspiration: Dos Equis Goes Topless

Sex has always been a great force in traditional advertising and it’s no different on social. There’s a reason why Victoria’s Secret consistently ranks as one of the top Pages on Facebook. I personally read their posts for the engaging copy, but I hear there are other reasons as well.

Brands not selling undergarments displayed on aesthetically-gifted women might be hesitant to use sex to sell. Executives may feel they could get a backlash for being inappropriate. However, it’s possible to be “sexy” without being too risqué.

Dos Equis, a brand most commonly associated with The Most Interesting Man in the World, actually pulled this off quite well, and without using their spokesman. How? Read on.

The Premise

I’m always a fan of visual puns, so when I saw a partially pixelated bottle along with the text, “the weekend starts when its top comes off,” I couldn’t help but be impressed.

Dos Equis hinted at a topless woman on the beach without showing one inch of bare skin. That’s clever.

Dos Equis Topless

The post also acquired over 12,000 Likes in the process.

What Can You Take Away?

There are two kinds of fans when it comes to posts like these: ones who have no problem with racy humor and ones who get upset by racy humor. Fortunately, if you’re careful, you can appeal to both.

The key is the power of suggestion. All you have to do is hint. People who don’t mind this type of humor will automatically take the extra step in their heads. More conservative folk will appreciate how you got the idea across without being explicit.

Is using sex appeal (explicitly or implicitly) appropriate for every brand? No. As with all content, exercise good judgment. Double check that what you’re posting aligns with your overall brand message and your content strategy.

What are your favorite example brands of brands using “sexy” social media marketing?

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