Don’t Do Video For The Sake of Doing Video

How do you know when it is, and when it isn’t, appropriate to use video content for you brand? Unfortunately, the answer isn’t as obvious as we might like. While it may seem like abiding by the more is better rule for video content is foolproof, we’re here to provide a somewhat different and more nuanced explanation of how to approach the use of video for your brand. Essentially, don’t do video for the sake of doing video. Do video to convey something that can only be conveyed through video.

For Video’s Sake

We’re certainly not trying to claim that video is never the correct medium for your brand’s story. There will always be narratives that cannot be contained by a still image or even a short GIF, and when you decide that you’re ready to convey such a story to your audience, then video can be your new best friend.

Video On Social

Using video wisely – only when your story necessitates the longer form medium – can make for highly compelling content that your audience will devour. Alternatively, using video frivolously – taking thirty or sixty seconds of your audience’s time to convey something that could have been communicated in an instant by way of a photograph – will create resentment, tarnish your brand’s credibility, and ultimately reduce engagement with that and probably future content.

Occam’s Razor

While it sounds spooky, Occam’s razor is nothing more than the theory that the simplest solution is the best. Not an earth-shattering revelation, but one that has been useful since its inception some several hundred years ago. But what does this have to do with your brand’s content? Good question!

Keep it simple

Your branded content should always be aiming to tell a story, but some stories are longer or more complicated to tell than others. What we’re advocating is as straightforward as Occam’s razor: Tell your story through the simplest medium possible. So, if your story can be illustrated through a still image, then that is the medium to use. A still image takes no more than an instant for your audience to digest, yet can linger with them for some time afterward. If a still photograph simply won’t cut it, and you need more latitude to express your brand’s message, then consider something like a GIF. This media option serves as a slightly more comprehensive storytelling apparatus, while maintaining something close to the immediate digestibility of a still image.


So, think of Occam’s razor when deciding on which medium is best for a particular story. Don’t use video just for video’s sake, but because it’s the right tool for the job. Otherwise, your content could be seen as little more than static.

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