How to Create and Post a 360-degree Photo on Facebook in the Next 60 Seconds

We all have experienced the buzz and seen the pretty sweet 360 video posts that have been posted to Facebook. Although they are very cool and engaging – they can involve a large investment in time and dollars to create. If you’d like to get a more realistic start in creating and posting 360-degree content – here’s a super-easy way to post fully-functional 360-degree images on your Facebook page in the next 60 seconds.

Step 1:

Begin by shooting a panoramic image on your phone. You’ll want to find a location that offers an interesting visual experience – like a park, a beach – or even your office!

Dave 1

Step 2:

Now open your Facebook App on your phone.

Step 3:

Locate your panoramic image in your camera roll. That image will be indicated by a globe icon in bottom right corner.

Dave 2

Step 4:

Next, add an optional comment and tap “Post”.

Dave 3

Step 5:

View your beautiful panoramic on Facebook – either on desktop or mobile. Facebook automatically generates a 360-degree experience out of your panoramic photo. It’s different on desktop (mouse control) vs. mobile (device tilt or tap control). You’ll even see a small image-orientation graphic showing you what direction you’re looking.


Using this trick is just one of many ways to get 360 photos on your Facebook page. There are many other panoramic apps available besides the built-in feature on your phone such as AutoStitch Panorama. I also tried DMD Panorama but I didn’t like the user experience it gave. A few apps are free but many are available for a few dollars. Gauge what’s best for you based on what your needs are i.e. just for fun or for business purposes.

One last note: A colleague of mine tried posting a old panoramic image she captured over a year ago and told me it didn’t show the 360-degree functionality of a newly shot panoramic she posted. So just a heads up, this trick will only work for newly captured panoramic images.

Have any other great apps or tips for capturing 360-degree imagery? Let us know in the comments below.

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