Pubcon 2008 – Social Media Marketing Recap

I just got back from Pubcon 2008 and it was incredible. The content was solid, although I did see a lot of people copy and paste presentations from last year, other then that though I got some solid ideas to run with.

This year was the first year they had a Social Media track. Which was exciting to say the least.

The networking was fantastic, twitter has changed that landscape forever. I had the incredible opportunity to hang out with many smart individuals such as Jordan Kasteler, Brian Carter, Rhea Drysdale, Taylor Pratt, Wil Reynolds, Aaron Chronister, Nick Andron, Matt Inman, The Pubcon Pony, Jon Henshaw, Ben Cook, Kate Morris, Kate O’Neill, the entire Lead Flash team, Dan Zarrella, Alexander Barbara, Vik Chhabra and many other great folks.

I took a decent amount of notes, you can find them below if you are so inclined in reading 1 and 2 liners:

note: like my blog writing style I do not take detailed notes, straight to the point – enjoy

Social Media Marketing Pubcon08 Roundup:Pubcon 2008 - Social Media Marketing Recap

  • yahoo buzz gets a ton of traffic – very difficult to frontpage however – rand fishkin
  • big mistake is to use other peoples images/ video etc you can get in a lot of legal trouble – graywolf
  • – search for mentions of a phrase in the last 24 hours in google – rand fishkin
  • solve someones problem through a tool or resource – graywolf

  • viral campaigns can create a huge increase in searches for you product or brand, so make sure you rank for those terms before hand so people can find you… vanessa fox
  • coca colas sue zero campaign failed in instituing a cohesive organic and paid serach campaign pre launch, to accumulate traffic from people searching for campaign related terms – vanessa fox
  • @chriswinfield is giving an example: “wtf broccoli” tons of backlinks, blog mentions, and rankings followed.
  • video sharing, li evans explains is the biggest sector of scoial media as far as sharing and spreadability goes.
  • 80% of fortune 1000 will invest in social media in 2009 – 50% will fail. most are not measuring at all – li evans
  • check out lexicon for facebook trends
  • Facebook connect allows the users of facebook to bring their friends and can syndicate back into facebook – Brian Breslin
  • You can only join 301 groups on facebook
  • Chris winfield says reddit makes accounts invisible if they spam and might not outright kick you out, the user might have no idea.
  • leverage timely content re: tags that people are searching for to help drive awareness and traffic. – geoff livingston
    • can generate lots of awareness from trending on twitter, will only increase over time as more people adopt these services
  • social media proof will increase the overall legitimacy that your site is of quality which can help you garner more subscribers, sales and backlinks.

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