April Social Media Club: Web 2.0 Content Promotion

This month’s Social media club will be led by yours truly. I am going to be discussing the different forms of promoting content on the web today, and the inherent impact that has on the search engines, as well your site.

This is a very vast field so I will try and focus on the impact promoting content through different sources has on your site, what sort of traffic should you see, what happens in the search engines when you do so, where you should be promoting it, where you should not be promoting it and so on.

Typically when traditional SEO‘s tell you they will engage your site in social media marketing, this is exactly what they are talking about (although I will admit there is so much more to it the simply promoting content). I aim to dispel a few things with regards to what sites you should be promoting your content on and what sort of effect each avenue might have.

Here are the crucial details:

Location: Edge office

400 Glenwood Avenue
Raleigh, NC 27603

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When: April 30th, Wednesday @ 6:30pm

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