The St. Patrick’s Day Round Up O’ Social Media Posts

Here we go again! It’s St. Patrick’s Day: a holiday celebrated ‘round the world that has morphed from its original traditions to now honor Irish culture, sugary cereals and copious amounts of green beer. Along with “research” at the nearest Irish pub, we’ve pulled together a collection of leprechaun-friendly social media posts from brands wearing their most festive green hats today.

Sláinte (that’s “cheers” in Gaelic, we learned. #Useful)!

(Editor’s Note: The following categories have little to no meaning – we just really wanted to see how many Irish references we could fit into one blog post.)

The Lucky Pots o’ Gold

We love this .gif, It’s timely, shareable and incredibly creative with the use of a false frame to create a 3-dimensional effect. Makes you want to go for a Guinness at lunch, doesn’t it?  


Perfect use of the quad-image Twitter feature. It’s exciting to see the whole world joining in on the fun, and is a direct demonstration of what The Independent sets out to do: sharing news and connecting people through world news.  


Eye candy is welcome any time of the year. A simple celebration is no less of a celebration at all (and did you catch that subtle shamrock? We love.).  


The 4-Leaf Clovers


While this seems less celebratory, it’s still a striking visual with an important message for St. Patrick’s Day. We also appreciate the playful tone in the writing, although we might have avoided puns just this once. 🙂


Staples is all about making #OfficeLife more enjoyable. This is sweet and relatable to anyone counting the seconds until their meeting ends and they can reach for their own pot of gold (or green beer).  

(Editor’s Note: Ignite Social Media currently works with Staples. Some of us were hoping that sharing their fine work would gain us access to some of that candy.)


The Irish Car Bombs


Fittingly, here’s another one from Guinness. The hashtag #LetsShamrock is fun and non-branded, which can make for greater usability. We saw many bars serving the beer using the hashtag, with bar-goers also jumping in!  


Take Ireland’s biggest renegade and make him the country’s spokesperson. A beautifully executed spot and Liam Neeson’s voiceover is ON point. While we had hoped for a little something more from the social execution, we’ll let it slide. Otherwise he will find us and he will hurt us. Big fans, Liam!


The Green McGees

3 cheers for UGC (User Generated Content)! Simple, lovely and we’re sure that fan felt SUPER lucky to be featured here.


If you have a bigger message to share but don’t want to sound contrived, how do you do it? One approach is to add it to the conversation around a current event. It could be messy, but Chobani executed this flawlessly. We’re not always a fan of Photoshopping things together, but this is one of the instances where we applaud it!


The River Dancers


Not selling a product here, but an idea. PS. I Made This is a community that embraces all types of DIY. This is an example of taking a current event and making it work for your own audience, and sharing something that clicks with them.



Feeling lucky? Happy St. Patrick’s Day! #instantjoy #stpatricksday A photo posted by Havaianas USA (@havaianasusa) on

Havaianas is a Brazilian brand, but if you know anything about Brazilians, it should be that we will celebrate just about anything (Yes, I’m Brazilian and I love St. Patrick’s Day). We love the commemorative St. Paddy’s flip-flops with bonus points for the creative photography that took this post to the next level.




Snapchat, everyone’s current favorite social network, has been piecing together a St. Patrick’s Day Story all day. Users in the geo-tagged areas have their posts collected into one place, for all of us to enjoy – and envy, obvi. 


What were some of your favorites? Share them with us, and then go enjoy some food coloring in your food and/or beverages!

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