The Great Emoji Debate: Where Do You Punctuate?

Who knew emojis could cause so much debate. But when you’re in the social media industry, emojis are life. The question is, when using emojis in your brand’s social media messaging, how do you punctuate? Do you use the emoji itself as punctuation at the end of a sentence, or are you on the “emoji, then punctuate” bandwagon?

Before we get into the nitty gritty, you may be wondering, “Why would I even use emojis? Does this even matter to my business?” Emojis may seem silly, but when it comes down to it, they can go a long way in terms of the customer experience and how your audience perceives your brand. It really comes down to the overall interaction with your audience on social media. If you’re not sure about using emojis in overall messaging on social media, you can start by just using them in replies to your followers as directed by Social Media Today.

At Ignite Social Media, we live and breathe social media every day, so the question of how to punctuate with emojis came up naturally. However, the responses that followed were interesting. Community Managers here at Ignite were either on one side or the other-so much so that we conducted a poll. Check out the results (still in progress) below.


With such a divide, we started to research what the correct answer was. Surprisingly, there’s no “right” answer. It comes down to personal opinions. It’s 2017, emojis are now in the dictionary, yet there’s no definitive grammatical direction on how to use them.

So we want to ask you, what’s your stance on the great emoji debate?

Aren’t sure what an emoji is or why it matters to your business? Let’s start the conversation. ?  

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