Mindset in the Moment- What’s In It For Them

With the amount of content posted daily on social media, marketers have the blink of an eye to make their content stand out amongst all of the other noise. Which is a challenge. Think about who you’re competing with in your audience’s news feed— other brands (probably your competitors), their favorite sports team, their college buddies, their mom, bands they follow, news sources … and the list goes on.

How will you create thumb-stopping content?

Here at Ignite, we developed our Mindset in the Moment™ approach, to guide us on how to create social media content that stands out. You’ll want to download our white paper to read about the whole approach, but let’s focus on the WIIFM (what’s in it for me) factor today.

In order for your content to stand out in a user’s news feed, there has to be something in it for them. Take your customer’s point of view: Why would they care? Why would they share? If you can’t answer those questions, then you should rethink sharing that piece of content.

While it is critical for the brand to include the key messages that it wants its audience to know, resist the urge to only talk about you. Social media has changed over the years, but one thing’s certain, it’s still a cocktail party. It’s not all about you – don’t be that guy.

Find what THEY’RE interested in and create your content with them in mind. Ensure that each piece of content provides immediate value in the moment it is discovered. The below screenshot is a great example. Bible journaling was identified as a passion point and social media trend by community managers. This brand tapped into the trend early on, and this post was one of the top most engaging posts.

What’s your audience passionate about? Think about this and the value that the content provides to your audience when creating content for your social media channels.

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