Where in the World is the Ignite Social Media Mystery Trip

Every so often we tend to see lists appear across the internet, speaking to some of the best places in the world to work. Some of these places have the best technology, an exquisite location or even better, an excellent benefits program. At Ignite Social Media, we’re no different. We’ve learned that by rewarding our employees regularly, we develop a collaborative and energetic environment. Our office kegs are never empty, our dog friendly offices keep furry friends by our sides, and the recent pick-a-perk program has everyone satisfied with an accommodating reimbursement option that fits within their lifestyle.

But there is one perk that reigns above all: The Annual Mystery Trip.

Yes, I said Mystery Trip. The trip part is simple; the entire office closes down and we travel together to some exotic location. But the mystery of it all… we have no clue where we are going until we show up to the airport.

However, breadcrumbs are scattered at our feet for those months and weeks leading up to the highly anticipated outing. The ambiguity of these clues can of course be frustrating as the entire agency tries to solve a seemingly unsolvable puzzle.

We leave in 9 days… can you figure out where we’re going? If so, submit your guess in the comments below!

Clue #1

Mystery Trip

Clue #2

Do you remember the time? They were girls, but then boys.
The oceans will be there. Will you be there?

Clue #3

The trip is approaching, we’ve paid the airfare.
Solar lanterns will be key, but we’ll buy and share.
Whether you like gin & tonic or a nice Bordeaux,
Pray you don’t miss the flight to the archipelago.

Clue #4

Not much left to say now, except for what to pack;
Take a chill pill, you won’t need to rush back.
Freedom isn’t free, but we’ll see it on the way.
When we open the envelope, what do you think it will say?

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