State of Social Media Marketing 2021

Optimize Your 2021 Social Media Marketing Strategy

The ever-evolving state of social media marketing is not always an easy one to keep up with. Within the past year, social media behaviors have shifted as a result of a global pandemic, new networks emerging, top-ranking networks rolling out major updates, and more.

Because of this, we’ve compiled a comprehensive state of social media marketing 2021 white paper as a resource for other brands and marketers in the industry seeking information about the current state of social media marketing and what their social media teams should be preparing for throughout the year.


Within this report, you’ll find the following detailed information:

  • Where to find your audience on social media;
  • What motivates different audiences to use social media today;
  • Which features are currently the most popular across the different networks;
  • The current state of organic reach across different social networks;
  • How to prepare for the demise of third-party cookie tracking later this year; and
  • New features and opportunities networks plan to roll out throughout 2021.


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