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The goal of any promotion is to achieve your brand’s business objectives. Well-planned and executed social media promotions services do just that. Our social media promotions services move customers through the purchase funnel, turn customers into fans, and turn fans into advocates for your brand.

We don’t just post content to social media. We create conversations with your customers and potential customers to build brand loyalty. Using a data-driven approach, we build communities that support your brand, develop content that converts, and use paid advertising and influencer marketing to drive your message home.

Telling Your Story with Social Media

Social media allows you to create both one-to-many and one-to-one relationships with your customers. You can reach targeted audiences that match your ideal customer profiles and engage with them as a group or individually.

Social media lets you humanize your brand and demonstrate your commitment to your customers by sharing educational, inspirational, interesting content, and social media promotions that drive interest and conversions.

When you build a community and engage in a personal and authentic manner, your social media promotions will work better on every level.

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Community Management

Create vibrant social media communities that surprise and delight users. Community managers become an extension of your brand to engage potential and current customers.

Paid Advertising

Leverage the power of paid advertising to attract, engage, and deliver shoppers and qualified leads. Strategy and reporting insights combine to deliver a powerful ROI-driven solution to your promotional campaigns.

Content Development

Drive real business results by tailoring content and targeting to meet your audience’s Mindset in the Moment™ at each stage of the purchase funnel.

Influencer Marketing

We have access to more than 5 million influencer profiles to find the right ones to capture your brand’s unique needs. We partner with influencers to create authentic social media campaigns that convert.

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Why Choose Ignite Social Media as Your Promotion Services Agency?

We’re Social Only. Social First. Social Partners.

As one of the world’s first social media marketing agencies and the first social media marketing agency in the United States, Ignite Social Media has helped guide some of the world’s most valuable brands. We create social media promotions campaigns that get attention, generate leads, and lead to conversions.

With a data-driven plan and comprehensive social media marketing strategy, we actuate social media promotions that achieve your brand and business goals.

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