Welspun HygroCotton Geo-targeted Traffic Campaign

Ignite Social Media partnered with Welspun to raise awareness and drive traffic to retail partners.


One retail campaign garnered over 17K link clicks and the low CPC of $1.15 (compared to a $1.25 CPC benchmark*)
A separate retail campaign garnered over 21K link clicks and the low CPC of $1.14 (compared to a $1.25 CPC benchmark*)


Welspun wanted to use their products and social channels to drive in-store and online traffic to big-box retail locations.


We strategically geo-targeted within a 10-mile radius of the specific big-box store addresses (to drive in-store traffic). We targeted users within the geography showing interest in each specific retailer and also matching our additional behavioral, media, lookalike, engaged, competitor, targeting parameters. Success was partially measured based on the volume of link clicks and cost per link click as a gauge for purchase intent as no pixel tracking could be enabled on retail sites.

Successfully increased impressions and drove clicks to big-box retail sites.
Ignite Social Media