Laura’s Lean Beef Brand Lift Study


When comparing the test group responses to the control group, the results proved favorable for Laura’s Lean with both purchase intent and brand favorability exceeding CPG benchmarks by over 10x:

8.2 point increase in Purchase Intent
11.9 point increase in Brand Favorability
5 point increase in Ad Recall

Additionally, as a result of this study, the Ignite team was able to gather valuable audience insights regarding the demographic makeup of those more likely to favor Laura’s Lean. These insights can now be applied to marketing strategies moving forward to assist the brand in successfully reaching prospective buyers.


Challenged with an aging core buyer and a goal to increase market share, Laura’s Lean wanted to gather audience insights from the social community regarding the perception of their brand and if audiences were more willing to purchase their products after seeing ads on social media.


The Ignite Social Media team strategized and built a Facebook Brand Lift Study to aid Laura’s Lean in understanding the impact of their social media ads on brand awareness. The test was designed to calculate the difference in performance between a test group and a control group, asking audiences the following questions:

  • Do you recall seeing an ad for Laura’s Lean online or on a mobile device in the last 2 days?
  • How likely are you to purchase Laura’s Lean?
  • How would you describe your overall opinion of Laura’s Lean?

The study was launched in mid-August of 2020 and ran until mid-November of that year. During that time, original social media ads created by the Ignite Social Media team were always on and continuously being optimized. The team regularly evaluated which ads were top-performing and used those insights to develop new creative and ad units that would be featured throughout the study.

At the conclusion of the study, our analytics team analyzed the results and compiled key insights for the brand to leverage and apply to their social media strategy moving into the new year.


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