Jeep: Arctic Yeti Dig


Participation exceeded expectations by 873% with more than 215,000 entries.
More than 25,000 entrants shared the campaign on Facebook, shattering expectations by 693%.
Likes on the Jeep Facebook page increased by over 120,000 fans in 6 weeks.


The Chrysler Group Jeep® brand was looking for a social program to raise awareness of the launch of the 2012 Jeep Wrangler Arctic Edition and the brand’s sponsorship of the Winter X Games. A secondary goal was to increase connections on Jeep social platforms.

6 winners were then selected among the initial entrants to attend the Winter X Games and participate in a real-life dig through the snow for the chance to win a new Jeep Wrangler Arctic Edition. In order to maintain momentum of the contest, we partnered with Olympic gold medalist and snowboarder, Hannah Teter, who dug on a seventh person’s behalf.


We created a phased, multi-platform contest designed to engage Jeep’s current fan base and to reward sharing to drive fan growth and brand awareness. For Facebook, fans played a daily “Dig game” to unlock entries into the contest. On Twitter, followers entered by tweeting the hashtag #YetiDig. And finally on the Jeep blog, readers responded to questions we posed about their favorite off-roading terrain.

Successfully generated awareness of Kindred among the target audience and encouraged direct response.
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