Arrow Electronics #FiveYearsOut

Ignite Social Media partnered with Arrow Electronics for content creation and paid media support.


55M Total Impressions
$0.02 Cost Per Video View


Arrow Electronics, Inc. provides products, services, and solutions to industrial and commercial users of electronic components and enterprise computing solutions worldwide.

They came to us to both develop and promote social content that would resonate with a wider audience using business themes each month that tell a story of the brand and its #FiveYearsOut message.


Utilizing the content brief given to us at the beginning of every month as a launching point, we began to map out the story we wanted to tell. We used client provided materials as our guide, analyzing photos, videos, and press releases in order to settle on an overarching theme, story or thread that corresponded to the business objective outlined in the brief.

Once a theme was decided upon, our content was broken down into three categories: introductory post (usually a video which explained the main story), supporting posts, and wrap up post. Based on the monthly theme we selected 8 thumb stopping pieces of creative to promote. Target groups were created based on social platform (Facebook vs. Twitter), extensive research per theme and building an emotional connection between the audience and the content.

Successfully increased reach and overall brand awareness of Arrow Electronics social pages.
Ignite Social Media