Elevating Altar’d State’s Social Media ROI

Altar’d State partnered with Ignite Social Media to help them increase sales and donations through increased real estate and eCommerce traffic, while also elevating their brand ethos of “Stand Out for Good.”


88% Y-o-Y increase in last touch sales attribution from social
30% increase in return on ad spend
77% increase in socially referred online purchases
143% increase in website traffic Y-o-Y


For Altar’d State, our goal was to create a strategic and effective presence on digital networks, centered around the target consumer and their shopping habits. To support this mission, we developed three social media objectives:

1) Build awareness among our target audience

2) Grow affinity for Altar’d State by creating deep connections with our audience

3) Drive in-store and online revenue


We prioritized the channels where we knew we could be the most effective at reaching and engaging our target audience. Our content focused on building a shared connection between the brand and our consumers: charity and faith, people and culture and store experience and fashion. We created over 40+ pieces of social content per week with each post optimized for the channel and objective.

To foster a relationship with our fans, we were in the channels throughout the day engaging with comments and questions. We helped them find products, served as their fashion consultant and engaged with their prayer requests. We also encouraged user-generated content through social programs and integrated UGC into our content mix regularly.

Our ad units supported key messages and included link posts, Instagram Stories, Canvas ads, geo-targeted in-store traffic units, dynamic ads and shoppable posts that integrated the product catalog. Prime placements and daily optimizations successfully drove offline and in-store sales for Altar’d State.


Strategy development & consulting, community management, content creation, paid social advertising, influencer marketing & promotions, measurement & monitoring.

Our goal was to drive awareness and sales for the Altar’d State brand.
Ignite Social Media