Ignite Social Media partnered with Crocs for social media sweepstakes and influencer programs

CROCS #SquadGoalsSweeps

Successfully increased awareness of Crocs with a niche audience–teenage athletes


  • 3.6M Total Impressions


  • 11.1K Total Entries


Crocs wanted to promote awareness of their white clogs and build brand affinity among the teenage sports demographic.


We enlisted school sports teams to capture content with white crocs that entered them into a sweepstakes for a chance to win white crocs for their squad and money for their school.

CROCS #Croctober

Successfully Engaged Crocs Audience with their Hero Product


  • Total Impressions 46.6M


  • Total Engagements: 54K


Crocs was looking to drive awareness and enthusiasm around the classic clog with their existing audience.


We activated our fans to share UGC of them in their crocs. We selected one ‘fan of the week’ and surprised & delighted with a new pair. We also enlisted influencers to create fun Halloween costumes with crocs and had them host a Halloween themed Twitter party.