we're different

We turn social media marketing on its head every day.


We’re 100% focused on social media marketing

Social Media is part of our DNA. Unlike ad agencies, PR firms, digital shops and media companies, who added social media to their mix of pre-existing services, we built Ignite Social Media from the ground up to focus 100% on delivering social media marketing. That means our team of strategists, content creators, analysts, web developers and promotions specialists work together in our Team Circle model to provide brands with a holistic approach.


We think People first

Too often marketers are asking the wrong questions when it comes to social media. We’re firm believers in Forrester’s POST methodology. We start with audience insights then turn our attention to what you want to achieve and how best to we can achieve those results through social media marketing. Then, and only then, do we consider which technologies or tactics to utilize for your brand.


We build content strategies around Passion Points

Deeper relationships between brands and their customers have proven time and time again to lead to brand loyalty and a greater lifetime spend, but too many brands these days are just using social media as another place to push their brand messages. We believe social media is uniquely suited to allow brands to really connect with customers on a deeper level—and to do so, we create content that speaks to the passions of your audience—so they don’t just see your message but want to engage.


We take an OrganishTM approach to media buying

It’s not organic, it’s “organic-ish.” It’s a two-pronged approach to social advertising that dramatically lowers costs while increasing reach by harnessing the power of natural Passion Points and our proprietary boosting process. Each leverages the other to provide a unique, branded experience capable of influencing purchase behavior.


We measure the value of social media marketing

The ROI of social media marketing might be heavily debated, but it’s not illusive. We’ve created eight social value models and counting because we live in a healthy fear that our clients might ask us to justify their investments (as they should!). We believe social media marketing can and should drive measurable results for your business and we work with our clients to develop the value models that work best for their businesses.


We believe in social promotions

The days of the Facebook Like-Gate might be long-gone, but far too many brands are taking the easy way out and turning social media into yet another ad platform to shout from. True engagement with your brand is possible, but we need to give audiences a way to engage beyond liking a piece of content. Social promotions create deeper relationships and facilitate advocacy for your brand in a way content alone never will.