Twitter Marketing Content Inspiration: Spotify “This or That”

If you haven’t seen the new Twitter feed changes, you should definitely go take a look. Along with the other major changes Twitter is making prior to its IPO, the feed has become much more visual, allowing images and videos to appear in the feed without having to expand tweets. There’s a lot of talk about how brands will be able to take advantage of this new feature without wearing down their fans with “banner ads.” Here’s a look at one brand doing something totally unique in the feed.

The Tweet

Spotify took quick notice of the visual changes, and realized the ideal dimensions of a photo and which part (note: the middle) of the image showed in the feed, and which parts were hidden. They created a tweet with an image that would engage users with a catchy hashtag and Call To Action. Here’s how the photo looks in the feed:

Spotify's image was designed to fit the new Twitter feed perfectly.

Spotify’s image was designed to fit the new Twitter feed perfectly.

Simple and appealing, the images draws more attention than the copy, and inherently encourages followers to click and expand the image. Here’s what fans are rewarded with when they do:

Why is this Tweet Worth Mentioning?

Well, there are a few different reasons, really.

  1. Designed For Twitter

    This image is made with Twitter in mind. In fact, it wouldn’t really work anywhere else. They put in the time to learn how the new visual updates worked, and adapted their content to fit.

  2. Strong CTA

    The CTA is visible in the image and encourages two things: clicking the image to expand, and responding with an appropriate hashtag (along with the branded one).

  3. Use (Not Abuse)

    It could be really easy for a brand to fall into a trap of “advertising” to fans using the new visual updates. Spotify avoids this trap by using it to create engaging content that is extremely relevant to their fans — not large display ads.

What other ways have you seen brands using the new visual updates on Twitter?


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