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Social You Should Know: Facebook Responds To Bored Teens With Redesign

Facebook is making changes to fight the boredom that’s setting in a bit, Twitter ads work (according to Twitter at least), and a neat Pinterest trick, all in this week’s Social You Should Know.

Facebook Admits Teens Getting Bored, Redesigns Feed

I’ve mentioned several times in this email that my teens aren’t going near Facebook these days. Now even Facebook admits that teens are off to cooler apps like Instagram and Snapchat. Perhaps that’s why they announced a new Timeline design today that makes photos bigger (like Instagram) and allows multiple feeds so you get more data (like Twitter). Ads cluttering up the News Feed is also a user problem. While Facebook hasn’t done anything about that yet, they do have a newly revealed patent that would let FB users pay a fee to block all the ads. Another reason organic social media marketing is better. See the new features for yourself and scroll to the bottom of the page so you can get in line for the new look.

Twitter Promoted Tweets Improve Purchase Intent

Twitter ran a beta test with select ad partners allowing brands to do surveys to test the effectiveness of their Twitter ads. This product is now available to ad partners in the US, the UK and Japan. And research Twitter did with Nielsen found the following: (1) Exposure to a promoted tweet drove a 22% increase in message association, (2) multiple exposures drove a 10% brand lift over a single exposure and (3) both brand favorability (+30%) and purchase intent (+53%) increase with exposure to promoted tweets. Brands running paid Twitter campaigns should talk to their reps about these brand surveys.

Neat Trick for Seeing What’s Pinned from Your Site

Ever wonder what content from your site is most “pinnable,” or most shared on Pinterest? You don’t need any budget or tool to find out. Just enter the URL: http://pinterest.com/source/YOURURLHERE/ and Pinterest will serve it up. Here’s the Ignite Social Media example so you can see what it will look like. Looking at this for your site, plus checking referring site traffic from Pinterest (volume and quality) should give you some idea of the current value of Pinterest to your web traffic.

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