Social You Should Know: Are Social Scoring Tools Like Klout Losing Traction?

Context is Key When Choosing Influencers to Work With

Technorati came out with the 2013 Digital Influence Report (full PDF) in which they surveyed 6,000 bloggers, 1,200 consumers and 150 brand marketers. Most (54%) agree that “the smaller the community, the greater the influence.” In other words, the more niche a topic the more influence a given person can have. I agree. Another finding? The use of services like Klout or Kred to measure influence is down, even as the factors those services measure are considered more important. Interesting disconnect there.

Facebook Modifies the 20% Rule on News Feed Ads

Facebook has adjusted the policy that prohibits an image to have more than 20% text in it if you want to promote it as a paid ad in the news feed. Text in product shots no longer counts. Real photos of real products (like book covers or movie posters) can have more than 20% too. But if you overlay text or clearly zoom in just to highlight the text or your brand, they may refuse your ad.

Taco Bell Makes a New Product Announcement Using Vine

Vine, the new video sharing app from Twitter is catching on quickly and Taco Bell didn’t wait long to use it. They announced their new Cool Ranch Doritos Loco Taco on Twitter using a 6-second Vine movie. It did pretty well for them, with over 2,500 people retweeting the message. Clever use of this new product.


That’s about it for this week, other than the fact that Twitter and Amex have a new program that lets you pay for something with a hashtag. Seems like something that Chirpify has been doing for a while and, frankly, is a solution in need of a problem. But maybe that’s just me…

Enjoy your weekend.

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