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World’s First Ever Snapinar Held

Snapchat is a very different social network and continues to grow meteorically. That’s why we hosted the world’s first “Snapinar,” a webinar hosted entirely on Snapchat. As with all Snapchat content, it disappears in 24 hours, so we cleverly saved it in this YouTube video. Without even creating a Snapchat account, you can learn a lot in 2:51 by watching the video below.

[youtube id=”ixq3MALMZto” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Instagram Goes Big on Ads; Learning from Pinterest Beta

In the paid social world, Instagram made a major move this week by opening APIs to their advertising platform. This means that your social media tools (Hootsuite, etc.) will be able to help you manage your Instagram like they do other channels. Look for a big ramp up in Instagram income. Pinterest rolled out their Promoted Pins pay-per-click product to the world a few weeks back, but Ignite Social Media was selected by Pinterest as one of a small number of beta testers. The article shares some tips on what we learned in that experience.

Industry Benchmarks: Some New Data

We get asked constantly what the “industry benchmarks” are for various platforms. “How often do brands typically post?” Or, “What’s an average interaction rate?” Our friends at Quintly put out somenew benchmark data that looks at 150,000 profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as of June 2015. It’s pretty interesting, and you’ll see quickly how variable the data is depending on how big your fan base is. Take a look.

As you get ready for the week ahead, I hope you kept up with the drama online where Facebook was accused of letting people steal YouTube video with abandon. The article was so widely shared (including by me), Facebook felt the need to reply in this post. This isn’t the last you’ll hear of this issue.

I also had a chance to appear on my local news last week discussing social media and the GOP debate. Take a look if you’re curious.

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