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Tweets Integrated Into Google Results Offer Marketing Potential?


A few weeks ago, Google started pulling in tweets for certain search terms, particularly those using a hashtag. In this interesting review of how it’s playing out, Lisa Braziel looks at how and when tweets appear, as well as when they do not. Among her most interesting findings: Recency of the tweet currently seems to trump the authority of the tweet. In other words, a brand new tweet with the hashtag is more likely to come up first then one from an “influencer.” This makes marketing a bit tougher, although Lisa offers some suggestions. I also believe that, like everything they do, Google will improve the relevance of these results. So what appears to be a “feed” today will likely be curated and ranked soon.

Facebook Testing Customer Service Feature for Brand Pages?

Hey, community managers, wouldn’t it be nice to generate and store common replies to people who contact your page? It appears that Facebook is at last testing a way for page admins to reply to fans, including the ability to automatically pull certain custom data into the response. I mean, how often do you need to write, “Our customer service team at 800-555-1212 can definitely help you with that, George”? Let’s see if this test rolls further.

Only 4% of Marketers Can Handle Real Time Marketing?

This linkbait headline appeared in Adweek this week. Turns out the criteria for being able to “handle” real time marketing is under one minute. When you go out to reply within one hour, 77% of marketers can do that. I’m thinking that if a trend is so ephemeral that you need to reply within one minute to be heard, it’s not much of a trend and maybe not worth any reply. On the positive side, 66% of respondents in this survey plan to increase their social media spending significantly. With the world spending more and more of its leisure time on social, that’s probably wise.

And as we wrap things up, there’s this: Remember the big splash when Facebook started displaying “Instant Articles” from the NY Times, NatGeo and others natively? Turns out, no Instant Articles appeared (none!) since the day after the big launch (May 13) until two days after this article noted the lack of progress. Then the Guardian posted a piece on Syrian refugees. We’ll see if this Instant Articles thing is dead on arrival, on life support, or just working its way through infancy.

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