Chevy Guy: How Chevrolet turned awkward into awesome during World Series fail.

Equipped with a notecard, a mic, and a bucketful of nerves, Rikk Wilde went from a Chevrolet zone manager to the latest Internet sensation. Then Chevy turned the following lemons into some refreshing lemonade.

In an attempt to present World Series Champion San Francisco Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner with the Chevrolet-sponsored MVP trophy on live television, #ChevyGuy – as he is now known on the interwebz – managed to make Bumgarner, MLB Commissioner Bud Selig, and that poor reporter whose laughing attack was so close she feared for her job, visibly uncomfortable.

Here’s Wilde’s most memorable quote about the Chevy Colorado: “It offers class-winning and -leading, um, you know, technology and stuff.”

  And this is where the internet, particularly Twitter, exploded in jubilation. There hasn’t been something THIS good since John Travolta’s Adele Dazeem. #TruckGuy and #TechnologyAndStuff immediately started to trend and the memes started rolling in. BC1 But big companies’ PR fails are a dime a dozen, right? WRONG. This is where Chevy won the MLB World Series their own dang selves:

Instead of issuing some lame press release about how they’re sorry their guy couldn’t be more eloquent, they embraced it, rolled with it, and are now about to bank on it. Can’t cry over spilled milk, or Rikk Wilde’s sweat beads that surely moistened that Chevy-branded trophy.

But you can, you know, make fun of yourself and stuff.

Watch the full video here

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