Application Privacy Policy

Ignite Social Media collects certain data from users in order to support applications that are designed to provide an engaging, enjoyable experience on the Facebook Platform. After having received permission from a user, we may collect data that include the user’s IP address, browser type, preferences, personal information, contact information, activities, profile pictures, tagged photos and friends. Additionally, we may collect data on a user’s location if it is required for the functionality of the application. We have proper security technology in place to ensure the safety of users’ information, both personal and otherwise.

Ignite Social Media and its affiliated clients respect application users’ privacy and will not disseminate available information to third parties unless it is integral to the functionality of the application or the client requests access to the information to improve user experience with the brand. We will only collect and use data needed for the proper functioning of the application, and we will not use that data for any other purpose except for evaluating marketing and advertising efforts internally.

With the user’s consent, we will use and display data solely to personalize the application experience, to monitor the application and make improvements to it, and to market services to other users. Data may be shared with the affiliated client that owns the application, given that the user has consented to such use of his or her information.

When a user accepts permissions via applications built by Ignite Social Media, we may rely on Facebook cookies to customize the experience for the user. Data collected through these cookies may include user name, contact information and Like data. The web analytics tools that we use will also employ cookies to pull certain information about the user and his or her Facebook activity. This allows us to monitor how certain pages within the applications are performing statistically and to determine the success of the application overall. The user has the ability to turn off cookies, but this may affect the functionality of the application and the user’s overall site experience.

Facebook users under the age of 18 must have consent from a parent or legal guardian in order to share personal information with Ignite Social Media and its affiliated clients. Such users should not share any information unless a parent or legal guardian specifically authorizes them to do so.