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YouTube Adjusts Comments to Allow Google+

Greg De Lima.

It seems like social networks continue to shoot themselves in the foot. Facebook’s changes to its News Feed algorithm continue to drop reach and impact fan growth. These recent changes have led to some major adjustments in the way larger brands need to approach content and draw visibility from their fan bases.

Year after year we have seen ongoing declines in fan growth as the News Feed Algorithm continues to change:

Mean Monthly Fan Growth

But YouTube recently made a major change, which if you haven’t heard by now, was pretty serious for most users.

The Change

On November 6, YouTube began rolling out changes to its commenting system that requires anyone commenting on a video to use Google+.

With claims that “…better commenting is coming to YouTube,” the roll-out sparked enough controversy to cause more than 220,000 users (as of publishing this blog post) to sign a petition on

The Impact

Aside from the obvious impact to privacy, which is the main reason more than 220k people have signed a petition, is that the lack of anonymity on the platform has hurt YouTube engagement pretty seriously.

While most channel owners get fed up with spam, trolls, and all-around poor comments, some YouTubers have expressed that comments and other types of engagement on their videos have dropped pretty significantly. Inevitably, what those comments and interactions lead to are more views.

More views = more money when you partner with YouTube.

With research showing Google closing the gap for social logins, what people say versus what they do conflicts quite interestingly with 220k users petitioning for privacy.

Do you manage a YouTube channel? How has the change impacted you in the past month?

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  • Collin Davis

    Google is hell bent on making Google+ a success and this has involved asking users to sign up for Google+ on their Gmail ID's and the 2nd aspect where they tried to make a statement was the integration into search results.

    Google+ may have become the 2nd most followed network leaving behind Twitter but in terms of engagement there is still a lot to be done. The network is being used majorly by marketing enthusiasts who are spreading the word but most audiences are still to embrace the network.

    So it now integrates Google+ comments into Youtube and while the public sentiment may not be favorable, Google believes it to be major platform for spreading the word about their network which is also the reason why the integrated Google+ pages with Youtube channels.

    As a user, its not a great experience but then Google is willing to take that hit. We do manage a Youtube channel but seriously the numbers aren't great enough to make an assessment :)

  • I_warned_ya

    People hate Google+. I don't think anyone believes the falsely inflated g+ numbers due to snagging YT users with trickery and promises of improving the comments. YouTube now sucks, and numbers will be dropping soon.

  • Don Jeffre

    Google+ is powered by the backing of other Google features and resources. If you owned Google, you would do exactly what they are doing, network the features together to gain the advantage of Symbiosis..