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5 Things To Do Before Updating Your Twitter Profile

Cassandra Clark.

You've probably noticed people talking about the new Twitter Profile (and the inevitable comparisons to Facebook). With the option to upgrade to the new profile now available for all users, we wanted to share what your brand needs to do before you make the switch.


Upload a Compelling Header Photo

Like Facebook, your header photo is the first impression that your brand gives to potential followers who visit your profile. This is prime real estate to showcase your brand or important campaigns. The recommended size is 1500x500 pixels.

Update Your Profile Photo

To avoid a blurry profile picture when you upgrade, ensure that your photo is the recommended size (400x400 pixels); your image will be automatically resized to fit. This picture should be a unique representation of your brand, as this is what your followers will see in their timelines and streams.

Optimize Your Bio

Like always, you will have a short bio that appears below your profile photo. Use this space to tell your brand’s unique story (in 160 characters or less) and share the value proposition for becoming a follower.

Plan for Tweets You Want to Pin

You can now pin a specific tweet to the top of your profile. Is there a tweet that saw high engagement or an important announcement that you’d like your followers to keep top of mind when checking out your profile? Pin it to the top by simply clicking the “more” option on your tweet.

Revisit Your Content Strategy

As any rockstar community manager knows, it’s always important to continually revisit your content strategy to look for opportunities to grow. Social networks are always changing (duh, that’s why you’re reading this post), so you want to make sure your content is always optimized for each individual network. It’s even more important now, since your more engaging tweets will appear larger on your profile.

The truth is... social networks will continue to change, whether we like it or not, so make sure you’re ready to upgrade. Have you upgraded your personal or brand profile already? How are you liking the changes?

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