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What Facebook is Telling Marketers is Wrong | Social You Should Know

Jim Tobin.
By: Jim Tobin  |   January 11, 2014  |   View Comments

Welcome to 2014. Facebook is telling marketers that the decline in organic reach is inevitable despite the fact that it's causing much of the decline. That plus the #PolarVortex and the second most engaged social network in this week's Social You Should Know.

Decline in Facebook Organic Reach is Not a Natural Phenomenon

Our December study on declining organic reach got a lot of coverage and Facebook is telling brands that it’s simple math: more people sharing more stuff means fewer News Feed inclusions. Sounds logical, unless you use Facebook. The many changes that Facebook has made to the News Feed recently have slowed the feed to the point where it seems like sharing overall has declined dramatically. As I argue in this guest post, the best bet for Facebook is to increase “the speed of the feed.” It will be good for users, for Facebook ad revenue and for brands. Take a moment to read the post and keep the pressure on Facebook to make the right changes as you speak to them.

The Polar Vortex Was A Fun Social Media Opportunity (For a Few Brands)

Most of the U.S. was really, really cold this week, thanks to the (fabulously named) Polar Vortex. What a gold mine. Some of our clients (like Jeep) did a fabulous job leveraging the situation. Here are seven more brands that cleverly used the weather situation to their advantage (and several who, surprisingly, did not).

The Second Most Engaged Social Network

The wonderful Pew Internet and American Life Project just released its Social Media Update 2013. One of the many nuggets: After Facebook, Instagram is the most engaged social network (as measured by % of users using it daily). The 57% that use Instagram daily is very close to the 63% that use Facebook daily. Twitter comes in third at 46% and while Pinterest is only 23%, it continues to grow as a network.

Quick note: Vine profiles are now on the web. And if you’ve got time for a slightly longer read, this Forbes article seeks to explain why Snapchat turned down a $3b cash offer. Personally, I would’ve taken the cash. Would you?

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One thought on “What Facebook is Telling Marketers is Wrong | Social You Should Know

  1. Jim Shankle

    Interesting post...especially the link to Brands that effectively leveraged #PolarVortex.

    Even more interesting to us, on January 8th while #PolarVortex was Trending all day, our #KraftyCooking test case campaign also Trended all day. Our objective was to show how Google+ can be an effective Digital Marketing platform that supports increased Brand visibility and distribution. Here's a 3 minute intro to the program - Can we talk?

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